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Free software to mix variable-source audio on Windows

Free software to mix variable-source audio on Windows

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Program by: VB-AUDIO Software


Works under: Windows


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VB-AUDIO Software

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VoiceMeeter is a software program that enables users to successfully organize and manage various audio files on Windows personal computer operating systems. VoiceMeeter is capable of managing audio files from both physical audio input devices and audio files from other applications. Because of the software's unique ability to manage an assortment of audio files, users of this program can experience a myriad of audio blends including voice, video conferencing, and music file mixes.

VoiceMeeter supports any available audio interface which makes it extremely user-friendly and easily adaptable. Users who are interested in VoiceMeeter can download the free version of the application and instantly gain the ability to mix three audio inputs and outputs simultaneously. VoiceMeeter is highly recommended for audio producers who are willing to complete projects using a free audio software. Premium customer support is available for more complex features in the application.

  • Simple User Interface That Makes Audio Mixing Easy For New Users
  • Ability To Mix Audio From Several Inputs and Outputs
  • Allows Voice and Skype Mixing
  • Supports Virtual Audio Mixing and Routing
  • Allows Access To Multiple Audio Formats
  • Supports Communication of Audio Signals Between Devices
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Functions Well On Windows XP, Vista,7,8,9, and 10
  • Free Version Available With Frequent Updates
  • Requires Less Than 8MG of Free Storage
  • Available For Use With Quad Sound Systems and Other Complex Devices
  • Includes Physical Support for Microphones and Other Physical Outputs
  • Includes Feature to Support Multichannel Audio Recording for Post Production Purposes
  • Minor Bugs Reported
  • Comprehensive Audio Controls That May Require Additional Training and Preparation
  • Audio Streaming Process May Require Additional Training

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